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Osaka Tokyo Head Office
Corporate Name 西日本貿易株式会社
Establishment April 27th. 1961
Capital Capital Paid-in: 48 million yen
Authorized Capital: 60 million yen
Workforce 152 Employees (as of April, 2016, including Chinese local workers)
Location 【Osaka Head Office】 MAP 8F KDX Kobayashi Doshomachi Bldg.,
4-4-10, Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
541-0045, Japan
【Tokyo Head Office】 MAP 3F Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Ningyo-cho Bldg.,
5-7, Nihonbashiodenmacho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
103-0011, Japan
President Minoru Ono
Bank of Account MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank., Ltd
The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.
The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
Bank Of China(Osaka, Tokyo)
Bank Of Communications




1960 Western Japan Trading organaization established
1961 Western Japan Trading Co., Ltd establised with first President Shonai Morii, CEO Kojiro Yamada
1963 Achieve the first contract of plant installation for China
Import vinylon producing plant installation to Beijing
Established Beijing Office
1964-70 Become the contact trading company of six shaft furnaces
1972 Normalization of relations of China and Japan
Kojiro Yamada become the President
1973-75 Make serial contracts of chemical plants all over China
- Set up the Shanghai ethylene plant
- Set up the Shanghai high pressure polyethylene plant
- Set up the Shanghai poval plant
- Set up the Sichuan vinylon plant
1978 The Japan‐China Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded.
Make serial contracts of color brown tube plants and chemical plants
- Set up the Xianyang color brown tube plant
- Set up the artificial leather plant in Yandai
- Set up the polyethtel polyol plant in Yandai
- Set up the MDI plant in Yandai
- Set up the SBR plant in Shandong
1979-82 Start up business with common steel, industrial machines, and plant installation.
Make a contract with Guangxi Zhuang people's talk mine for development and import ( pioneer of compensation trade of China/Japan)
1983 Established Shanghai Office and the Guangzhou Office
1984 Established Dalian Office
1986 Established Xi’an Office
1990-93 Make the contract to export Guangdong Dongguan color brown tube plant
Join the Japan/China joint project, Andong casting company
Export air compressor for Shanghai Hitachi's AC.
Join Japan/China joint enterprise, Anhui TCM Forklift Corporation
1996 Established Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
1997 Hong Kong returns to China
Make the importing contract of big color brown tube plant
1999 Macao returns to China
2001 Kojiro Yamada become the first chairman
Toshio Kambe become the president
2003-04 Join the joint enterprise of China/Japan Dalian Daxian Light Equipment company
Make exporting contract of compressor for AC with Qingan AC Equipment Ltd.
Make the exporting contract of color brown tube plant to Xianyang.
Take part in Nitta Moore Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Japan/ China
Take part in Joint project, Zhangjiagang Haixing Machinery Corporation
2006 Join the establishment of TCM(Anhui) Machinery Corporation
2007-13 Established Keiwa Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Start providing materials to Zhonghong Group's PDP project
Make serial contracts of compressor plants for AC
Start selling natural mica
Start providing materials for Anhui's PDP projrct
We made a large contract of coating equipment for optical  film
production with Sidike New Materials(Jiangsu)  Co.,Ltd.
2014 Toshio Kambe become the chairman
Minoru Ono become the president
2015 Integrated Shanghai Office into Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD.
2016 Establised Beijing Branch and Xi’an Branch under Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD,
and integrated Beijing Office and Xi’an Office into Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD
Established Guangzhou Branch under Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD,
and integrated a part of Guangzhou Office into Western Japan Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD