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Privacy Policy

Our company respects privacy of customers and makes every effort to ensure that personal inform ation is securely handled and stored.

【Purpose of Use of Personal Information】
  a) Contact with customers to provide services in accordance with customers’demands
  b) Provision of answers to inquiries from customers

  • Our company will not handle personal information beyond the necessity to fulfill the purpose of use without consent from the person in question.
  • To prevent the disclosure of information, supervision of contractors and employees will be conducted.
  • Our company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party without consent from the person in question.
  • We will only disclose information in response to a request from the person in question.
  • Our company will correct or delete the given personal information in case such information is found to be incorrect.
  • Our company will appropriately and promptly deal with complaints regarding handling of personal information.