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In 1961, certified as one of the “friendly partnership” trading companies from China, our company was established in Osaka. It was a period when Japan-China trade was disrupted due to the Nagasaki National Flag Incident in 1958 and only “friendly” companies were permitted to trade with China, which had begun in December of 1960. For more than 50 years, we have been engaged in trading with China in accordance with each phase of Chinese development in various fields of business such as exporting fiber, steel materials, chemical plants, color cathode-ray tube plants, consumer electronics, motorcycles and importing minerals, miscellaneous goods, as well as in various forms like compensation trade, integrated technology acquisition through trade and joint ventures.
At present our current business is expanding into exporting industrial facilities, machine components, electric components and chemical products, and importing minerals, machinery, casting, and industrial materials.

China is the biggest trading partner for Japan as well as the biggest investment partner country. In the future, economic relations between Japan and China will become even closer and more interdependent.
However, political, historical and territorial issues have become obstructive factors in Japan and China relations. In order to move beyond these obstacles and to move forward, we must not escape but get along with China wisely and well.

The Chinese market, our main business focus, will grow ever larger. By deeply understanding the history of China and its business practices and with many years of business experience in China, we have gained a trusting relationship with our Chinese counterparts, which are our greatest asset and our strength.
In order to meet our clients’ expectations, our employees at the Osaka and Tokyo Head Offices as well as our local staff in our Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian and Dalian Offices are traveling throughout China.
Also, in connection with Japan-China trade, we are expanding our business operations in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and India.
By thoroughly complying with the legal and business environment, by always challenging without being constrained by stereotypes, by being creative and achieving our goals, we will continue to offer the best quality and value-added services to our clients. We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.